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Skills2oz is not a Job Board like SEEK and many other free job boards in Australia

Skills2oz is an online resume database for non-residents looking to be matched to Australian employers that are willing to hire skilled foreigners, immigrants and overseas workers. We also provide job seekers with tailored migration advice, hints and tips to help you write a better resume and study options, because that is what it takes to get a good job in Australia. Why we are not a Job Board... While online job boards are still the number one method of advertising jobs in Australia, they are not necessarily the best way to get an interview and ultimately employment for non-residents. Firstly, about 80% of jobs advertised on job boards are posted by recruiters who will generally charge a fee for placing a candidate, which can vary from approximately 10%-20% of the person's salary as a one off payment. Companies that are charged a recruitment fee for souring a candidate are also often reluctant to hire a non-resident through a recruiter. This is due to the additional costs involved such as relocation costs, legal fees to process visas and training and certification costs. These costs, coupled with the recruitment fee means that Companies are far more reluctant to hire non-residents through recruitment agencies. Skills2oz does have recruiters using the site but the majority of users are actually employers looking to hire directly and avoid paying recruitment fees if they can. This makes them more willing to interview and to potentially hire a non-resident and a better place to market yourself. It is a fact that many new vacancies in Australia are not actually advertised on job boards. Employers often prefer not to screen high numbers of applicants that apply to jobs that they post and prefer instead to try to source from their own network or approach candidates directly or through referrals. This saves time in screening unsuccessful candidates that apply to jobs and also saves money that would, in most cases, be spent in posting the job. That's where Skills2oz comes in. Employers will search for your skills, often before actively advertising the role, which gives you the inside track and the advantage in securing a role. Employers can determine when you are suited to a role from a resume search and will contact you directly, which saves you from the frequent "Unsuccessful" e-mails that you get when applying on job boards. The other thing to remember is that most job ads are posted on online job boards for no longer than one month and every day there may be multiple roles being posted that can easily be missed. With Skills2oz all that you have to do it to post your resume and details once and the offers will come to you instead of having to constantly look at job boards every day. You never know when the right roles will come your way and so by allowing employers to search for you life becomes a lot easier and eventually the right role comes to you. Why Linkedin also doesn't work well for Foreigners like you.... Linkedin is a huge, global network that is certainly a useful tool in finding new job opportunities, sharing knowledge and developing professional relationships. The main difference between Skills2oz and Linkedin, though, is that Skills2oz is far more targeted, and job seekers benefit from this. When you register on Linkedin, you are in competition with millions of users, and for this reason, you will often be overlooked or missed for roles that recruiters and employers are looking to fill. Even if you get an interview via a Job Board or Linked in, if you are not prepared for it and do not have help with you visa will most likely not get a job and keep wasting time. By registering with Skills2oz, you are a bigger fish in a smaller pond. Employers know that you are serious about getting work in Australia and the fact that you have paid a small amount to do this only reinforces the fact that you won't waste their time if they contact you. On linkedin you are often lost in a crowd and, if you are overseas, employers also won't necessarily know that you are looking to move to Australia anyway. As you won't be competing with Australian residents, on Skills2oz you also know that employers and recruiters that contact you are serious, and already understand that you may need 457 sponsorship or another form of migration assistance. Employers and recruiters use Skills2oz as a useful tool to target a smaller candidate pool that are highly motivated to live and work in Australia and that are less likely to waste their time. Put simply, Skills2oz has been designed specifically for one thing, which makes us different to the competition, and that is why we can help you when they don't. Written by Carol Zatt from Skills2oz

Sep 16, 2015 09:36 AM
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