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Hi there and welcome to the Skills2oz affiliate scheme.

We offer a one-stop-shop for overseas candidates that find it difficult to find work through recruitment agencies. This includes study options, employment opportunities and Visa advice / services.

This is a simple and easy way for any company, recruiter or web based business to help overseas candidates looking to migrate to Australia find a job by referring them to our site.

It's a great way to earn a commission from each person that signs up with minimal work and effort from you.

How it works?

Register your Company details and information by clicking the button below.
We will email you a username, password, and an individual link for Skills2oz that will identify your Company as the referrer when you refer someone across.
You add the link that we give you to your website, job autoreply or anywhere that you feel would be appropriate to direct traffic to Skills2oz.
You can use your username and password to login anytime and see how many (and who) candidates have been referred.
We will pay you a AUD$20 referral fee for every candidate who register and pay to join our website.

Why should you become an Affiliate?

  • Add value to your Company by helping people to find a job.
  • It's as easy as adding a "Reject Overseas Candidate" option to your CRM ad response or adding a referral link to your website and social media platform.
  • You will be making money without any effort.
  • We will help you with the setup and pay you monthly.

Our Affiliates:

We work together with Recruitment Companies, Migration Lawyers, Australian Employers, Award winning Resume Company and others to provide the best solution for overseas candidates find a job in Australia.

Join us to help skilled overseas jobseekers find work in Australia.
Click below and register now. It only takes a minute.

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