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Welcome to Skills2oz

Finding work in Australia just got easier!

If you are looking to find a full time or contract job in Australia, but don’t know where to start, we can to help you.
You’ve come to the right place if….

  • You are living overseas and looking to relocate to Australia.
  • You are on a temporary visa looking for a permanent stay.
  • You are on a temporary visa looking for temporary or contract work

There are thousands of qualified candidates, from all over the world, applying for jobs in Australia, everyday, only to get ignored or rejected.

That’s right! 99.9% of job application from overseas candidates or immigrants living on shore are rejected by Australian Recruiters and Employers.

Do you know why?

The reason for this high number of rejection is lack of information. Most non Australian candidates, like you, don’t know where to look for jobs and how to apply, so it doesn’t matter how many opportunities you apply for, you will keep failing, if you don’t get the right help.

So how to get the right help?

The answer is to find someone qualified that can assist you in your job search and put you in the right path.

Having the right advice can save you lots of time, money and give you a huge advantage.

Here at Skills2oz we will prepare you for the Australian Recruitment Market, show you where to look for jobs for international candidates, help you with your visa options including the Independent 457 visa, guide you in your sponsorship opportunities, provide you with our secret resources and amazing support.

With our Job Ready Package you will get access to:

  • Weekly 457 job opportunities in your inbox
  • Private consultation with one of our consultants.
  • Instant online visa assessment.
  • Weekly tips to migrate permanently to Australia.
  • Support group to help in your job search.
  • Discount on resume writing services and migration advice.

Our job ready package is worth $1,459 but we are willing to give you a massive discount if you register now.

Pay now and spend only $247. That is over one thousand dollars discount and this offer won’t least long.

So click on the button below and get started now. You never know when your dream job will come up.

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